NSW records 12 deaths with 1,431 new COVID-19 cases.

Gladys Berejiklian - Premier of NSW - Picture courtesy: en.wikipedia..org

By:  Nalin Jayetileke 

According to the ABC News, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has stated that COVID-19 infections are expected to peak in the next two weeks after the state recorded 1,431 new cases and 12 deaths. Numbers reported today are the highest recorded and even the 12deaths , the highest recorded so far. The authorities feel that the next 2 weeks are going to be crucial and may have the worst in terms of he number of cases reported where hospitalization and such are expected to be on the rise during e next 2 moths, looking at the present scenario of reported cases.

ABC News reports that the Premier said the next few weeks would not be a “rosy stretch” — the case figures could be “scary” and health system would be stretched.

“I don’t want people to be concerned by that because that is what is in our pandemic plan. That is what we have planned and prepared for, the amount of vaccines that we are put in arms of people living in those communities … has been outstanding and that will have a positive effect on the spread and the likely number of cases,” she has state as per the ABC News reports. .

There are 979 COVID patients admitted to NSW hospitals, with 160 people in intensive care and 63 of them requiring ventilation.

Whilst such situation is in New South Wales, in Melbourne, It has has been reveled that the Victorian authorities are taking a secondary stance on mental health and wellbeing of Victorians on the trauma caused by these lock downs. Whilst people are being compensated,  continues lock downs are not seen as the answer by people in Melbourne. It should be high rate of inoculation and learning to live with the new normal, something in line with what is done  in England, is the general pulse of the Melbourne’s. However, according to our correspondent in Melbourne, It has also been   made to understand that the state of Victoria has set a target of 70% full vaccination by Nov 2021 and to gradually open up its activities with the new Normal.

IT has been reported that people are really feeling mantel stress of being locked down for a prolong period of time , something that people in Melbourne are concerned, since of late and  trying to mitigate as another issue at hand.