Vaccinations beefed-up whilst Victoria records 176 COVID-19 cases

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By : Nalin Jayetileke 

Contact tracers have linked 83 of the new cases to existing outbreaks whilst Victoria has recorded 176 new locally acquired COVID-19 infections and more numbers have been identified as infectious during Quarantine, ABC news has reported.

BC News has stated that the state processed 48,372 test results on Wednesday, when state-run clinics administered 33,720 doses of vaccine.

On Wednesday, it has been said by the Premier Daniel Andrew that the Victorians could no longer ” Hold out Hope” in clamping down the more infectious Delta Outbreak, and that it must limit the growth of cases while the community urgently vaccinate themselves. Seen as the only way out to mitigate the Deadly Delta Variant from spreading in he Community.

It has been reported by he ABC that the Victorian business owners have shown its disappointment  as their business have had difficulties stemming out if the prolong lockdown in the state and have aired their thoughts and warnings about the long term impacts to its Economy.

An employer association has stated that whilst they are happy that the Kids are back into Playgrounds which is a positive sign, the way the state has handled the rest do not create any new ecumenic activity nor any security of Jobs or creation of new jobs which is will have negative impacts in the long run. They were also concerned about the issues faced by children at high schools and such due to the prolong Lockdowns.

However, the ABC reported that the Government has more to say about business support in he next few days whilst the Premier is looking it with a medical Committee of experts to see if the period between doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine could be reduced for Victorians. It has also been highlighted that mandatory vaccinations will eventually come into effect especially to people involved in he age care business.

It has however been reviled that the state of Victoria has administered 5,039,494 vaccinations through both state and Commonwealth channels in Victoria as of August 31, some information  that the Melbourne’s can be happy with for he moment whilst the stte tries its best to assist in everyway to mitigate the impacts from all fronts.

Information courtesy: ABC News and correspondent in Melbourne