lockdown extension Likely as Victoria records 120 COVID cases and two deaths

Picture / Graff courtesy: Health.gov.au

By: Nalin Jayetiloeke 

As reported by ABC, Victoria has recorded 64 cases of Covid linked to existing outbreaks with 120 new locally acquired COVID-19 cases.

The second wave has seen Victoria recording over 100 case sine it last being 110 cases in September last year. It has also been reported that two deaths have taken place in the process due to the second wave of the Corona Virus.

Health authorities say they will provide more information about the quarantine status of the cases later today.

Victoria is said to have delivered over 33,400 doses of vaccines through its state run sites in view of mitigating he said Virus.

According to the ABC News reports this morning, the government will today, reveal which restrictions will remain in place from Friday, where he state lockdown is said to be extended.

“The low number that we can cope with, the low number that we can live with and the easing that we will be able to do over time, over coming weeks,” the Premier Daniel Andrews have stated.

The state authorities have been vey strict and have intimated that strict measures will be implemented to ensure safety and have even said that there will not be a “Freedom day soon” as the deadly virus second wave has seen a considerable increase in cases in and around he state of Victoria.