Melbourne Australia records 92 new local cases of COVID-19,

Flinders Street - Melbourne Australia

By : Nalin Jayetileke 

As reported by ABC victories Melbourne Australia has recorded 92 new cases of Covid, as they are said to be confronted with a new breakout of a cluster in and around inner Melbourne, a state which has over 500,000 Sri Lankans who have sorted residence in Australia, where the language of ” Sinhalese” has also been accepted as a community language with which you are eligible to score even points for same during assessments for migration to Australia, as an accepted community language, similar to that of points given to French , Spanish or Japanese languages..

Sri Lankans and other such communities have shown concerns as It is the highest daily tally recorded in the state so far in 2021, and the largest number of cases recorded in a single day since 110 on September 2, 2020.

After over 8 new case were found in the inner circle of Melbourne it has been reported by ABC that teh lockdown is likely to be extended for a third time beyond Thursday night.

Of the new infections, 61 are linked to known outbreaks.

It is not clear how many of the new cases were in the community while infectious, with the Department of Health saying more information would be provided later today.

The new cases were found from 51,030 test results processed on Saturday, while 31,436 vaccines were delivered in state-run centers.

Yesterday, health authorities said they were starting to get control of the large outbreak in Shepparton, in the state’s north.

But a new area of concern is the suburb of Port Melbourne, where four new unlinked cases were found on Friday.

“We’ve not seen that crop up before so we’re very keen to make sure that doesn’t become anything else,” COVID-19 response commander Jeroen Weimar said, reports

The Australian Parliament too is said to have been suspended until next month and the state operation accused the government of silencing the concerns of Victorians after suspending Parliament for a further week, reported abc.

The next sitting of Parliament had already been postponed from August 17 to August 31 on health advice because of the lockdown.