Terror threat has existed ‘since evacuation began’ – ex-army chief


he threat of a terrorist attack at Kabul airport “has existed right the way from when this evacuation began”, says a former head of British forces in Afghanistan.

Colonel Richard Kemp told the BBC: “That threat of terrorist attack, whether it’s from Taliban, the Islamic State, or al-Qaeda, it could equally be all three of those groups.

“The fact that people are talking about Islamic State doesn’t make that the most likely threat.

“I think that threat has existed right the way from when this evacuation began, and I have no doubt that our forces are fully aware of the threat and already, for days now, have been taking measures to try and mitigate it, to prevent something like that happening.

“But, clearly, there could be a terrorist attack of some sort against the forces in the airport, maybe forces outside the airport, and of course the people trying to get in.

courtesy: bbc.com/news