Sri Lanka Lookdown may get extended


It has been reveled that the lockdown that is in effect in the Country will be evaluated tomorrow where a decision is to be taken whether or not it should be extended, sources have reveled. The general public has taken it very seriously this time around and were seen doing their best to adhere to the health guidelines and relevant protocells that have been implemented by the Government.

Dr. Asela Gunawardane said the decision, whether to extend the quarantine curfew, would be made based on the deaths and positive cases being reported tomorrow during the scheduled Covid evaluation meeting.

We have not seen that many road blocks by security details and police trying to get people to act responsibly unlike the other occasions the Country was on a lock down,  but the public has felt the pinch and have taken their own precautions and have adopted safety measures,  so as to ensure they operate in an safe environment, whilst in Lock Down. The frequency of the general public not to affluent were seen resorting digital platforms in ordering their daily needs. A a positive off a negative scenario for Sri Lanka.

As the sees it, if the protocols can be upheld the way its being done by the General Public, who deserves a pat in their back for their efforts in support, we should be in a position to get somewhat close to opening the country with its new normal, before long.