Cricket -Hambantota will not host Afghanistan-Pakistan ODI Series

Hambantota International Mahinda Rajapaksa Stadium
By : Nalin Jayetileke 
 All three matches in the series between Afghanistan and Pakistan were to be played in Hambantota and involved a three-day quarantine period on arrival for both sides.

Afghanistan team will now travel to Pakistan later this week and the ACB is yet to announce the venue(s) for the ODIs starting September 3.

The 3 match series ODI that was to  take place at Hambantota is said tio be shifted to be played in Pakistan due to issues of connecting flights and such , as a result if the situation in Afghanistan, learnt. Sri lanka in the process have had over 3700 Covid posit9ve cases when the Country went on a lockdown last Friday with deaths totaling over 190.

It ha snow been reviled that the Afghanistan team will now travel to Pakistan where the ABC is down to intimate the details of the venue for the scheduled match on 3rd of Sep.

Given the scenario in Afghanistan , Sri Lanka has missed out in lending a helping hand for Afghanistan in terms of the sport of Cricket and would have been a fitting gesture if we were in a position to assist wit their game against Pakistan.