Health officials will decide on whom to quarantine at home, says Tourism Minister


Tourism Minister, Prasanna Ranatunga said it is the Health officials who have the authority to decide on keeping asymptomatic Coronavirus confirmed patients at home.

He made these remarks when Health officials in Gampaha district informed him that there is a trend of refusing home quarantine by COVID-19 infected patients at the moment.

Curently, home quarantine is only recommended for children over three years old and adults below 65 years and those who do not have Non-Communicable Diseases.

There should be a person at home who has a capability of taking care of COVID infected people by providing all their facilities during the home quarantine.

Health officials informed the Minister that a programme has been initiated by the health authorities to direct COVID infected people to intermidiate care centres with the assistance of Sri Lanka Army.

However, health officials face greater difficulties if COVID patients refuse to go to intermediate care centres.

According to the quarantine laws, only the Police can intervene in such incidents and health officials currently obtain the assistance of Police to tackle such incidents, Health Officials informed the Minister.