Complex lifesaving TAVI heart procedure for Aortic Valve Replacement successfully performed at Asiri Surgical Hospital


07th August 2023: Asiri Surgical Hospital successfully performed the advanced Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI), a complex heart procedure on a patient who had previously undergone bypass surgery. For decades open heart surgery was required for Aortic valve replacement. However, as a minimally invasive procedure – TAVI yields positive outcomes, offering hope and improved quality of life to patients who were once considered unable to endure open-heart surgery.  

The procedure was performed by Dr. Gotabhaya Ranasinghe, a highly skilled and experienced Consultant Cardiologist, together with a professional medical team. The landmark and successful outcome has instilled renewed hope in patients with complex cardiac conditions. The procedure also highlighting the hospital’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of medical advancements and delivering cutting-edge solutions for patients.

The recent TAVI procedure at Asiri Surgical Hospital was performed on a 74-year-old male, who had previously undergone bypass surgery seven years ago. Due to his medical history, he was considered unsuitable for repeat open-heart surgery. However, with the availability of TAVI, he received a lifesaving treatment option that significantly improved his prognosis and quality of life.

Thanks to the combined expertise of the medical team at Asiri Surgical Hospital and the revolutionary TAVI technology, Patient’s recovery was swift and successful. He was discharged from the hospital merely three days after the completion of the procedure.

In the past, patients with severe aortic valve stenosis, who were unable to undergo traditional open-heart surgery due to various reasons, faced significant risks, including the possibility of sudden death. However, with the introduction of TAVI, a ray of hope has emerged for individuals to regain a good quality of life post-procedure.

TAVI is a minimally invasive procedure designed to replace a damaged aortic valve without resorting to conventional open-heart surgery. By deploying state-of-the-art catheter-based techniques, the procedure involves inserting a bioprosthetic valve within the narrowed aortic valve, ultimately restoring normal blood flow and cardiac function.

Commenting on the procedure Dr. Gotabhaya Ranasinghe stated, “It is extremely satisfying to have been able to perform this very complex procedure, which required a lot of planning and preparation, and we received an extremely successfully outcome.  It is my sincere hope that Sri Lanka will soon be able to offer the TAVI procedure in the State Sector too, as owing to the high cost in developing such technologically advanced solutions, the treatment is quite expensive.”

In Sri Lanka, changing lifestyles have led to a higher incidence of heart disease, becoming a significant health concern for the nation. Sedentary habits, unhealthy dietary choices, and increasing stress levels have contributed to a rise in cardiac-related ailments among the population. As a result, comprehensive cardiac care facilities are essential to effectively manage these health challenges.

The heart centre at Asiri Surgical is committed to providing a full menu of cardiac care facilities to patients in Sri Lanka. The hospital is equipped with advanced technology. We work with expert cardiac specialists and an experienced team offering a full menu of cardiac services, including diagnostic assessments, non-invasive treatments, interventional procedures, surgeries, and cardiac rehabilitation programs. Asiri Surgical is deeply committed to understanding Sri Lanka’s healthcare needs and continuously seeks innovative solutions to empower citizens to maintain heart wellness.

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