SL Coastguard joins the ‘RESTART A HEART CAMPAIGN – 2022’


At the invitation of the College of Anesthesiologists and Intensivists of Sri Lanka (COAISL), the Sri Lanka Coast Guard (SLCG) jointly conducted a  programme themed ‘Restart a Heart Campaign – 2022’ at the Lifesaving Training School (LSTS) in Balapitiya, recently.

A number of training activities were also conducted on the sidelines of the programme with the participation of Sri Lanka Police, Ocean University of Sri Lanka, Teachers’ Training College in Balapitiya and staff of tourist hotels in the locality of the LSTS, the SLCG said.

Consultant Anesthesiologists and Intensive Care Specialists of the COAISL also conducted an awareness programme with practical training sessions in CPR for Coastguard lifeguards and staffers at the LSTS, Balapitiya.

The programme was successfully conducted under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Nilmini Wijesuriya Consultant Anesthesiologist-Teaching Hospital Ragama (National Coordinator Resuscitation Council) with the dedicated contributions of Dr. Duminda Samaranayaka, Senior Registrar-Teaching Hospital Ragama, Dr. Upayangi Fernando, Registrar-Teaching Hospital Ragama, Dr. Tharaka Koralagamage, Anesthetist-Teaching Hospital Ragama, Dr. Omali Swarnanayaka, Emergency Medicine Registrar-National Hospital Colombo and Dr. Pasan Jayawardena, Registrar in Palliative Medicine-Apeksha Hospital Maharagama.