Water Level and Rainfall Data on 15th October 2022 at 6.00 am- Kalani River rising at Hanwella area

picture courtesy: srilankaview.com

Islandwide Water Level & Rainfall Situation in Major Rivers

               DATE :           15-Oct-2022    TIME :          6:30 AM

River BasinTributory/RiverGauging Station   Water Level at 5:00 amWater Level at 6:00 amRemarksWater Level Rising or Falling21 Hr RF in mm at 6.00 am
StationUnitAlert LevelMinor Flood LevelMajor Flood Level
 Kelani GangaN’ Streetft4. Flood 
Kelani GangaHanwellam7.008.0010.008.128.17Minor FloodRising144.1 
 Kelani GangaGlencoursem15.0016.5019.0016.4216.38AlertFalling195.1
Kelani Ganga    (RB 01)Kelani GangaKitulgalam3. 93.4
 Gurugoda OyaHolombuwam3.003.405.002.132.02Normal 160.2 
 Seethawaka GangaDeraniyagalam4.805.806.402.091.97Normal 200.4
 Kehelgamu OyaNorwoodm1.503.004.501.101.08Normal 38.6
Kalu Ganga     (RB 03)Kalu GangaPutupaulam3.
Kalu GangaEllagawam10.0010.7012.209.589.59Normal 116.0 .0
  Kalu GangaRatnapuram5.207.509.506.776.73AlertFalling85
Maguru GangaMaguram4.006.007.506.096.14Minor FloodRising113.5
Kuda GangaKalawellawa (Millakanda)m5.006.508.007.217.29Minor FloodRising94.8
Gin Ganga     Gin Ganga  Tawalamam4.006.007.505.174.99AlertFalling129.4
(RB 09)Gin GangaBaddegamam3.504.005.003.453.47Normal 39.2
Nilwala Ganga   (RB 12)Nilwala GangaThalgahagodam1.401.702.801.131.17Normal   34.1
Nilwala GangaPanadugamam5.006.007.505.555.53Alert       Falling     45.2
Nilwala GangaPitabeddaram4.005.006.502.152.10Normal  67.1
Urubokka GangaUrawam2.504.006.000.980.98Normal 46.2
Maha Oya     Maha Oya  Badalgamam5.006.209.604.374.43Normal 25.7
(RB 102)Maha OyaGiriullam5.506.507.503.953.77Normal  68.6
Attanagalu Oya (RB 103)Attanagalu OyaDunamalem3.304.405.505.115.16Minor FloodRising126.1

Issued by : Eng.S.P.C.Sugeeshwara      ` Director (Hydrology and Disaster Management)

Information and updates courtesy: Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management