Tourism Minister instructs to accelerate development projects in Gampaha district


Special attention was paid to the acceleration of development activities in the Gampaha District this year at the District Coordinating Committee meeting held on Friday, Minister of Tourism Prasanna Ranatunga said.

This committee meeting was chaired by the Governor of the Western Province and Tourism Minister.

Minister Ranatunga said 17,590 projects have been implemented in the Gampaha District under the Gampaha District Joint Annual Action Programme. These include agriculture, industrial tourism and trade, human settlements, physical infrastructure, transport, social infrastructure facilities, and administrative public works.

It was revealed that many projects have made significant progress, even under Covid-19 pandemic conditions.

Meanwhile, a number of road development projects have been delayed due to various reasons. The heads of the local government bodies requested to extend the project period.

The Minister said he hopes to present the request to the Cabinet and to the Minister of Finance.