A committee appointed at the ministerial level to provide land title deeds expeditiously in the Ministerial Consultative Committee on Tourism and Land Affairs.


In relation to the lands given to the public by the government, a committee has been appointed at the ministerial level to expedite the issuing of land title deeds through the Land Reforms Commission (LRC).

This committee has been appointed at the Ministerial Consultative Committee on Tourism and Land Affairs held in Parliament on March 22 under the chairmanship of Tourism and Lands Minister Hon. Harin Fernando.

The Members of Parliament brought to the attention of the Minister that the Land Reform Commission is delaying the issuing of title deeds for the distributed lands. The minister appointed this committee to take appropriate measures to resolve these issues.

The Minister said that the President expects to complete the work of providing the land title deeds that have not been issued so far and that the committee would meet and take a decision on the land title deeds that have been completed.

The minister also instructed the relevant authorities to call all the Parliamentarians representing the northern province to discuss the land issues in the north province.

Also, the projects that have been implemented so far to promote tourism were also discussed in the committee. The minister also mentioned that a mobile phone application (mobile app) will soon be launched where foreign tourists coming to Sri Lanka can get complete information about new tourist centers, concessionary rates, transportation facilities, hotel facilities, etc.

There, the Members of Parliament drew the attention of the minister that attention should also be paid to matters such as trade activities carried out by foreigners in tourist areas.

The minister mentioned that the gazette announcement regarding the 16 tourism zones identified in Sri Lanka is to be published in the near future and through that, the attention can be focused on the specific matters related to the tourism zones.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Speaker Hon. Ajith Rajapakse, Minister of State Hon. Geeta Kumarasinghe, Member of the committee Hon. Selvam Adaikkalanathan and several Members of Parliament. Government officials including heads of government agencies under the Ministry of Tourism and Lands were also present in the meeting.