‘Be Sri Lankan, Buy Sri Lanka’, indicator of ‘product excellence’


‘Be Sri Lankan, Buy Sri Lanka’, was not only a marketing blurb but carried with it integrity of product excellence and added prestige to local products, newly-elected president of the Institute of Packaging Rohan Wijesinghe said. He was elected 46th president of the Institute recently.

Past president Anuradha Jayasinghe introducing the in-coming president said the fact that the mantle of office is moving to another year of progress for innovation and a new focus on priorities meant that the Institute of Packaging was in consonance with the changing times. The exigencies and challenges in the context of the unavoidable incidence of the on-going pandemic posed new priorities to be addressed. Taking office in these times of extraordinary significance was important for the year ahead and it was with confidence that Rohan Wijesinghe was elected to the high office of president.

Jayasinghe added, “Rohan Wijesinghe’s background resume was that he is not new to leadership, having proved himself a professional both locally and internationally”.

“He represented Sri Lanka at the World Packaging Congresses in Japan and many other countries, including Germany, China, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, India, Thailand, Malaysia, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Dubai and Tasmania,” he also added.

Mr. Wijesinghe successfully held the office of chairman, Twins Packaging Pvt. Ltd, Premium Packaging Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and other organizations who lauded his progress as outstanding contributions instrumental in their progress.

Rohan Wijesinghe accepting office said he was perhaps the first Catholic to be conferred the titles, Deshamanya, Desha Shakthi and Lanka Puthra.

Accepting the office of president, he paid tribute to the leadership of the Institute of Packaging which withstood the vicissitudes of time and through the 46 years or so of its existence continued to ensure the excellence of the essentialities of packaging to maintain high standards so essential for product marketing and presentation.

Mr. Wijesinghe said, “The packaging industry is now a crucial component for product marketing and effective shelf presentation. Its attractive features that are usually seen on product shelves are of distinct assistance to ensure product distinction and sustainability that contribute to value addition of such products. ‘Be Sri Lankan buy Sri Lanka’ was not only a marketing blurb but carried with it integrity of product excellence and adds to the prestige of each local product”.

Demand for excellence was now a sophisticated necessity and the Institute of Packaging and its professional exactitude was necessary for product marketing and consequent public appeal.

Rohan Wijesinghe’s Alma Mater is St. Anthony’s College, Kandy. He excelled in academic activity and was a true all-rounder. He represented the college in athletics and rugger and is a triple coloursman, having played basketball and tennis as well. He was also captain of the table tennis team.

Mr. Wijesinghe said out-going president Anuradha Jayasinghe, past president Rohan Victoria, Secretary – Social, Tania Francis, treasurer Sunil Costa and others who held office, continued to be actively involved with the packaging industry. Their expertise was etched in the progress of the Institute and ensured its continuous positive development.

His tributes to the past committee and outstanding personnel included Michael Perera, recipient of the life-time achievement award.

Michael Perera said packaging was now essential to minimize waste. He said it was now time that re-cycling was part of the packaging industry, in that it had to be addressed as a matter of urgency, because of waste plastics that was now the bane of goods and services. As much as packaging was important, the conversion of waste and its recycling was urgent and cannot be ignored. Particularly because waste from other countries too was carried to our shores, which was a growing problem.

Outgoing president Anuradha Jayasinghe expressed his appreciation to his committee and assured the Institute of his continuous interest in its activities.