Eight people have died and 1,220 new local cases in NSW Australia

picture courtesy: indioendent.co.uk

New South Wales recorded 1,220 new locally acquired COVID-19 cases in the 24 hours to 8:00pm yesterday.

Out of the 8 people who is reported to have died the ages mainly are 2- 90 yrs, 1-80 yrs, 2-  70 yrs 1- 60 and 2- 50 year old’s. the 8 includes 2 woman.

As Reported by ABC News a while ago,  the main area in NSW that has new cases are 422 from Western Sydney and 392 from South western Sydney.

Meanwhile its made to understand from our Correspondent in Melbourne that Victoria reported over 245 news cases this morning which brings New South Wales the highest reported.

It has however been reported that in Victoria, the Contact tracers have so far linked 90 of the cases to existing outbreaks. Depending on the vaccinations that are being carried out , the state may consider screeching its 5 Km travel limit to 10 Km, with reaching a goal of 70% of people aged over 16 given at least a signal dose of Vaccine by end Sep 2021.

Challenging weeks a head, is expected in Melbourne.