Pan Asia Bank drives a project to rehabilitate tanks to support local communities


Continuing its efforts to support the lives and livelihoods of people along with preserving the nation’s rich heritage in its newest initiative, Pan Asia Bank is partnering the Irrigation Department to rehabilitate rural area Tanks and Anicuts under the ‘Wari Saubhagya National Programme’, the first such private-public partnership under this national programme.

The project involves rehabilitation of ‘Mahawewa’ in Balagolla wasama in Rambe DO’s division in Kurunegala District, in a rural village called ‘Egodagama’ which is 140km away from Colombo and 36km away from the Kurunegala-Madagalla road.

Over 80 farming families live in the village and practice paddy cultivation as their main livelihood. ‘Mahawewa’ and ‘Munhenwewa’ tanks, which are 19 & 4 acres respectively, are fully covered with mud and Eichhornia plants, as result of which, the water capacity of these tanks has fallen to 20% of the total capacity.

This noteworthy project by the Truly Sri Lankan bank – Pan Asia Bank, will increase the water capacity of the tanks and support the 140 acre paddy cultivation in the area while formalizing the irrigation system.

The project began on 18th August and is scheduled for completion by 30th September 2021. The entire project cost will be financed by the Ranaviru & Sammana team by allocating their Insurance Income Commission.

Team Sammana took the lead in this regard and this is yet another project that underscores Pan Asia Bank’s positioning as The Truly Sri Lankan Bank.