Emergency regulations only benefit businessmen not the consumers: JVP


Claiming that people had not benefited by the emergency regulations, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) alleged that the Government had only increased the price of a kilo of sugar by Rs. 37 through the new gazette.

JVP MP, Vijitha Herath told a news conference that the price of a kilo of sugar, which was at Rs. 85, was increased to Rs. 122 by the new gazette.

“Wholesale price of a kilo of sugar has been increased from Rs. 80 to 116. This gazette will only benefit the businessmen. These crooked businessmen earned approximately Rs. 600 million by selling a kilo of sugar at Rs. 240,” he said.

Mr. Herath also said these businessmen loyal to the Government benefited when the Government offered to purchase their stocks which were imported at a tax of 25 cents.

“The gazette has only granted more benefits to the Government cronies. The Government claims that sugar would be provided through Sathosa. Sathosa caters only to 5 per cent of the consumer needs. Only 12 per cent from food cities. 83 per cent is catered by the normal market,” he said.

He said the Government should take the responsibility of the price hike without passing the buck to the traders and get away.