Last US military flight departs ending America’s longest war


By: Nalin Jayetileke. 

According to the BBC reports this morning, the last C17 aircraft has taken off with the US ambassador onboard after midnight local time on Tuesday.

It has been highlighted by our sources that, Celebratory gunfire by the Taliban was heard after the last US Aircraft departed Afghanistan where the departure of the last aircraft was the end of the military efforts by many which eventually  saw Afghans left with no option  but to be back with the Militants, where they had other plans when America entered the country in support of the Afgen forces and Government to deal with the Taliban Militants.

With this the massive evacuation effort that began on 14 August soon after the Taliban took over the country, comes to an end.  America’s top military commander in the region, Gen Kenneth McKenzie, has said that in total, US and coalition aircraft evacuated more than 123,000 civilians – an average of more than 7,500 civilians per day during that time.

 Following the pullout, it has been reported that the Taliban fighters were seen exploring Kabul airport and taking over its facilities, including a hangar with aircraft apparently left behind by the US. Some fighters were wearing discarded US military uniforms and equipment.

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