SLT Chairperson invited as speaker at Australia – South Asia Seminar Series

Kimarli Fernando, Chairperson of Sri Lanka Tourism.

The Australian Institute of International Affairs Victoria has invited Kimarli Fernando, the Chairperson of Sri Lanka Tourism, to speak at a virtual seminar on Sri Lanka’s geopolitical strategy & bilateral trade and investment opportunities with Australia. This is part of a series of four seminars The Australian Institute of International Affairs Victoria is presenting, focusing on Australia’s relationships with Sri Lanka and India.

The Australian Institute of International Affairs Victoria will focus on Australia’s relationships with Sri Lanka and India by examining the relationships from three perspectives.

At the forefront of transforming the tourism sector and developing a strategic Global Communication Campaign for Sri Lanka Tourism, Kimarli Fernando will share her perspective on the geo-political issues surrounding the Indo-Pacific area, the trade and investment relationship between South Asia and Australia in a post-Covid19 environment.

She will also be focusing on the diplomatic ties between the two countries, including the role of international students and culture and sport as a means of sustaining and further strengthening the relationship between the two countries.

The seminar will be held before a live audience in Melbourne and livestreamed for those not in Melbourne or attending from overseas on Tuesday, June 29, 2021, between 5pm and 7pm (AEST), 12:30pm to 2:30pm (Sri Lanka time). A large participation is expected from both Victoria and South Asia with an interest in the political, security and economic relationships between Australia and South Asia.

The event is being supported by the Victorian Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Global Victoria, Asialink Business, the Consulate of Sri Lanka in Melbourne and the Sri Lanka – Australia Chamber of Commerce.

The other speakers on the panel will be Sarinda Unamboowe (CEO: MAS Kreeda), Kalum de Silva (President: Sri Lanka Australia Chamber of Commerce), Consul General Fonseka (CG of Sri Lanka to VIC, SA and TAS) and  Asanga Abeyagoonesekara (author, commentator and geo-political analyst on Sri Lanka).

The session will be moderated by Dr. Rebecca Strating, Executive Director of La Trobe Asia, La Trobe University

Sri Lanka Tourism strives to keep the island in the spotlight by participating in strategic events such as the Australia – South Asia seminar series. Its current key focus is highlighting to the world that the island has all the attributes to position itself as a perfect post pandemic travel destination with its wide open spaces and a multitude of nature based experiences.