Exposition of Deegawapiya Relics continues further


The exposition of the Sacred Omniscient Relics of Deegawapiya Stupa and the Crest-Gem takes place at
Abeysekararamaya, Yakkala today (Jan 16) for public veneration. These revered articles will be
remaining there until the morning on January 18.
Further, arrangements have been made for the public veneration of these revered articles at the
Vidyawansha Maha Pirivena, Gampaha from January 18 to 20, at Amara Viharaya, Raddolugama from
20 to 22, at Bodhirajaramaya, Raddolugama from 22 to 23 and at Minuwangoda Rajamaha Viharaya
from 23 to 25.
The Devotees have the opportunity to witness and worship the Sacred Omniscient Relics and CrestGem. They also can support this meritorious act by making financial contributions to the restoration