Shanaka stresses-‘good brotherhood’ between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh


By: Nalin Jayetileke

“There’s a good relationship between the teams. We can’t control the outside noise, but we have that respect” said Sri Lankan Skipper when speaking of todays match between the two sides that will take place in a while up in Kandy.

Shanaka was very clear and went on to say that there was obvious mutual respect between the Sri Lanka and Bangladesh players, though each team will play had to come out with there best that Bangladesh are a force to be reckoned with.

Sharnaka’s approach knock down the doubts that there was serious ill-will between these teams and as such, whilst each team will go out and try to give their best, the cricket lovers in Sri Lankan could witness a good international cricket game, the 1st that Sri Lanka will play in the series.

“There will alway be noise outside the playing area ,” Shanaka said answering a question regarding how the teams felt about each other and went on to say that we have no controal over the outside noice but the two teams have good relationship between them and have respect for each other.

Shanaka also spoke about the injuries that have plagued Sri Lanka’s chances in this competition not been able to go with its first line of attack in the bowling department and went on to say that its very unfortunate that such injuries have been happening as a regular occurrence and stressed that Sri Lanka has the batting to give the foundation it needs to be able to go far in the tournament.