Lanka Fair 2023: An Unparalleled Opportunity to Unleash Your Business Potential in the Vibrant City of Kandy


Lanka Exhibition & Conference Services (Pvt) Ltd (LECS), a prestigious recipient of the presidential award for organizing exhibitions in Sri Lanka, proudly presents the Lanka Fair 2023. Lanka fair 2023 cordially invites companies nationwide to be present in the city of Kandy to take part in an extraordinary three-day multi-trade exhibition. This premier event is to take place at Sahas Uyana in Kandy and is scheduled for September 15th, 16th and 17th. It aims to create a dynamic platform that brings together entrepreneurs, industrialists, and a diverse range of businesses to showcase their services, innovations, and brands to a wider audience. With Kandy’s burgeoning commercial landscape and its reputation as a leading tourist destination, participating in Lanka Fair 2023 presents an exceptional opportunity for companies to tap into new markets, forge valuable connections and serve as a launchpad for businesses seeking exposure and growth.

As the second largest city in Sri Lanka, Kandy has evolved into a hub of commercial and business activities. Renowned for its rich cultural heritage, scenic beauty, and warm hospitality, Kandy attracts a significant number of tourists each year. However, it is now capturing attention for its rapid development and the establishment of various enterprises across sectors such as IT, commerce, and hospitality. With this growing momentum, Kandy is fast becoming an ideal location for companies to start their journeys and expand business horizons.

LECS, with its rich experience and expertise, guarantees an event that surpasses expectations and offers unparalleled opportunities for businesses to thrive. This multi-trade exhibition offers an array of benefits that are bound to elevate your brand and provide a competitive edge with your participation: An Extensive Reach to Gain access to a diverse audience and exposure to enhance your business prospects and new collaborations not only with local visitors but also national and international delegates, investors, and potential customers. Improve Networking and Partnerships while Interacting with industry leaders, professionals, industrialists and fellow entrepreneurs to explore synergies, and forge strategic alliances that can drive your business forward with networking and fostering valuable partnerships. Ability to Showcase Innovations and Services, being an ideal platform to demonstrate your expertise, latest innovations, ideas, and wide range of services. Target Market Expansion and leverage the event to enter new markets and extend your customer base. Enhance Brand Visibility and Recognition to amplify your brand and gain recognition within the industry while utilizing the marketing opportunities offered.

Alongside the much-anticipated Lanka Fair 2023, Kandy will be hosting the first-ever Culinary Champions 2023 event. This culinary event is set to attract, encourage and welcome key personnel and decision makers from hotels and hospitality establishments, who will visit the exhibition while getting a glimpse of the culinary championship. Leading this exciting competition is the esteemed Alan Palmer, a veteran Chef with over 60 years of experience in the field. As a Worldchefs Certified International Judge and Honorary Lifetime Member of the World Association of Chefs Societies, Palmer brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the event, ensuring a world-class culinary experience for participants and visitors alike.

In association with the Kandy Hoteliers’ Association, Cultural Triangle Hoteliers Association, Nuwara Eliya Hoteliers Association, and the Professional Chefs Association, Sri Lanka, the Culinary Champions 2023 event promises to be a collaborative and prestigious gathering of industry professionals. Whether you are an experienced chef, a rising star in the industry, or a hotelier looking to enhance your culinary offerings, this event is the perfect platform to shine and elevate your brand.

Lanka Fair 2023 aims to present an unmissable opportunity for companies involved to elevate their businesses to new heights. Participation enables you to leverage the city’s vibrant environment and reach potential customers, investors, and partners. Don’t miss out on this chance to unlock your business’s true potential, join the Lanka Fair 2023 and embark on a journey towards success in the heart of Kandy.For more information contact; Ms. Imalka Mullegama on 077-1093792 or Email: [email protected] (Exhibition), Ms. Yamuna Nagalmullage on             077-7958548 or Email: [email protected] (Culinary Champions Competition)