Sri Lanka Cricket condemns and vehemently denies the truthfulness of a tweet


Sri Lanka Cricket in a media release has condemned and vehemently denies the truthfulness of a tweet made by a senior sports journalist claiming that Sri Lanka Cricket was instructed to bear the legal costs in relation to the incident of Mr. Danushka Gunathilaka by a VVIP politician from the SLPP.

Sri Lanka Cricket categorically denies the veracity of the said tweet and wishes to emphasize that Sri Lanka Cricket has in no way been influenced by a “third party” in carrying out the obligatory actions required to be taken to allow Mr. Danushka Gunathilaka to pursue any legal rights available to him.

Hence, Sri Lanka Cricket has stated in a media release that the said tweet is baseless and has been written and published with malicious intent, damaging the goodwill and reputation of the SLC with the intention of spreading hatred among the public over the organization.

SLC also has stated that the SLC, in consultation with the Ministry of Sports and Youth, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the consular officials, has taken steps to pursue the legal rights of Mr. Danushka Gunathilaka as advised, and therefore, the matter is being handled professionally without any intervention from a third party.

SLC further says that the subject tweet has been published by the said journalist while a defamation action is pending in court against him in regard to the publishing of false and defamatory news against the officials of SLC on a previous occasion in 2021.