Link Natural Products to Deliver a Healthy Boost for ‘Race The Pearl’


Link Natural Products is joining hands with ‘Race The Pearl’ as Event Partner to provide their internationally-acclaimed products Link Samahan and Link Swastha Amurtha for immunization and detoxing of all participants of this one-of-a-kind authentic Sri Lankan cycling event that promotes the island internationally.

A leading exporter of many of its products including Link Samahan to countries on all five continents of the globe, Link Natural is guided by the noble philosophy of combining the wisdom of Ayurveda with the latest scientific methods and today’s technology to provide consumers with safe, efficacious and high-quality herbal healthcare products that enable people to live healthier, longer and more active lives.

Link Samahan and Link Swastha Amurtha are two unique products developed at the state-of-the-art Link Natural R&D Centre and available in convenient formats that suit the busy lifestyles of today’s consumers. Link Samahan is a product that contains only natural time-tested ingredients and has been proven in a clinical trial to significantly reduce the incidence, incidence over time and severity of symptoms associated with the common cold and catarrh when consumed daily. Over the past 3 decades, Link Samahan has won the confidence of consumers across the world. Link Swastha Amurtha, another unique product, is the newest introduction by Link Natural and contains extracts of Nelli and Rasakinda which are known to have an abundance of antioxidants that help to prevent oxidative stress and inflammation whereby it protects immunity and supports a healthier longer life when consumed regularly. Link Swastha Amurtha provides tangible benefits by relieving common ailments and discomforts including dry and rough skin, acne, cracking of heels, burning sensation of the eyes, body and feet, excessive sweating and body odour and burning sensation in the stomach.

Set to flag off on 5th November 2022, Race The Pearl is a 24-hour race that covers the entire length of 600 kilometres of Sri Lanka from Point Pedro to Dondra Head. Ten cyclists – 1 from the United States of America, 3 from Great Britain, 1 from France and 5 Sri Lankans – lead the challenge of covering the distance, with over 40 more cyclists expected to join in teams, relay-style. The race will flag off from Point Pedro, the northernmost point of Sri Lanka, and the route will consist of five stages before it reaches the finishing point in Dondra Head, the southernmost tip of Sri Lanka. Significantly, Race The Pearl has been included as a qualifier for the upcoming RAAM (Race Across America), a globally renowned ultra-distance road cycling race that covers over 4,800 kilometres of the USA from the west to east coast.