Ceylon Chamber to Host Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2022 ‘Resetting from Turmoil to Opportunity’


As Sri Lanka begins the monumental task of laying the groundwork for economic revival, the Sri Lanka Economic Summit (SLES) 2022 organised by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, will kick-start the conversation on the work that lies ahead, under the theme ‘Resetting from Turmoil to Opportunity’, on December 5th and 6th at the Shangri-La, Colombo.

The SLES 2022 will focus on key levers that will lead to macroeconomic stability as well as ensure private sector-led growth, enabling the country to swiftly embark on a growth trajectory and implement short and medium-term reforms. These levers will play a vital role in the formulation of an economic recovery plan, as Sri Lanka pursues an IMF programme to stabilize the macroeconomy, and seeks to restructure external debt.

The two-day hybrid event will bring together some of the keenest minds in the arenas of monetary and fiscal policy, economic reforms, technology, investment, and private sector-led growth, focusing on key macroeconomic issues and viable solutions, ranging from the difficult to the inspirational, as the country seeks to reset from turmoil and identify emerging opportunities.

Day one will feature the inauguration of the Summit followed by a networking reception, and will be attended by the Chief Guest and a Keynote Speaker, while day two will comprise a full-day forum with sessions focusing on the economic outlook, and the factors that an economic reset will entail.

The sessions will center around key themes such as ‘Economic Reforms and Implications’, ‘Implementing the Roadmap to SOE Reforms – Opportunities for the Private Sector’, ‘Resetting to Facilitate Growth’, and ‘Opportunities for Sustainable Finance in the Economic Reset’. The themes will focus on domestic policies and the reform outlook for key State institutions, facilitating private sector-led growth and investment and meeting Sri Lanka’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) targets. In addition, the implication of an IMF programme and unfolding global dynamics on Sri Lanka’s journey to economic revival will also be explored in depth.

The Summit will close with a NextGen CEO Forum which will explore the role leadership will play in a reset of Sri Lanka. 

Registrations for SLES 2022 are now open. For further information, please contact Niroshini on [email protected] or 0115588852; or Alikie on [email protected] or 0115588805.