CCC urges immediate resignation of President and calls upon all parties to support constitutional process to resolve crisis


The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce notes with dismay that the President has not submitted his letter of resignation to the Speaker on 13th July as promised and urges that this is done without any further delay as requested by leaders of political parties, joint chambers, civil society organizations and the vast number of people who are staging protests in every part of the country. The Chamber also urges the Speaker not to delay the process of electing a new president till the 20th and to have it done with immediate effect as a matter of utmost urgency.

We also urge all political party leaders and members of parliament to make every effort to agree unanimously on candidates for the post of President and Prime Minister as that would be the need of the hour given the acrimonious political environment we have experienced in recent times.

While recognizing the historic contribution made by the protesting public in creating significant changes in the political landscape of the country, we urge all concerned to be calm and patient, maintain law and order and not disrupt the parliamentary process that can deliver a solution to this unprecedented political crisis.

We appeal to all protesters to vacate the government premises that are being forcefully occupied to ensure that public property is not damaged.

The Chamber also requests Defence authorities to maintain the Law and order situation in the country.