Urgent call to action to prevent economic ruin


The Women Corporate Directors, Sri Lanka call on politicians of all parties to act urgently and cohesively to take the following immediate actions to prevent an economic catastrophe:

  1. Support the appointment and functioning of a cabinet including Finance Minister to negotiate and implement IMF programme.
  2. Support the independent functionality of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and appointment of professional financial and legal advisers for debt restructuring and act as per their advise without political agenda.
  3. Urge and support the restructure of the International Sovereign Bonds and negotiation of bridge financing with bilateral and multilateral partners.
  4. Support the re-negotiation of debt and extended credit lines with IMF, ADB, World bank and through foreign policy with allied nations.
  5. Be united and show statesmanship in addressing the nation to calm the unrest. Support a structured solution to the people’s grievances whilst ensuring short term stability to facilitate economic recovery.