Mount Lotus Hospital uses World Health Day 2022 to focus on proper eye and ENT care


Mount Lotus Eye and ENT Hospitals, the newest hospital of its kind in Sri Lanka, is celebrating World Health Day 2022 and its theme of ‘Our Planet, Our Health’ by highlighting the importance of regular eye and ENT testing.

The COVID-19 pandemic together with the rise in global pollution is increasing diseases and illnesses worldwide. On World Health Day 2022, Mount Lotus Eye and ENT Hospitals is emphasizing the need to create societies focused on good health and well-being. According to estimates of the World Health Organization (WHO) over 13 million deaths around the world each year are due to avoidable environmental causes.

As the climate crisis worsens so does the quality of air in cities and towns across the globe. 9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe unhealthy air caused by the burning of fossil fuels. A world with higher temperatures is enabling mosquitoes to spread diseases farther and faster than ever before.

Pollutants such as plastics and harmful chemicals have found their way into our food chain and are available in almost everything we eat. Extreme weather events, land degradation and water scarcity are making people move from their homes to unfamiliar locations, changing their lives and negatively affecting their health.

Given such a backdrop, the need to take good care of one’s health is greater than ever before. Doctors recommend eating a healthy diet, consuming less sugar and salt, reducing the intake of harmful fats, avoiding alcohol and smoking and exercising several times a week.

While following these healthy living habits, it is important to get your vital health statistics checked regularly. While most people check their blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels, it is equally important that they check the health of their eyes, ears, nose and throat. The best option to do so is to visit a specialist hospital that offers such testing under one roof.

Located at No. 102, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia, Mount Lotus Eye and ENT Hospitals is a specialized hospital dedicated to providing world-class range of Eye and ENT medical solutions to local and international patients.

The hospital is fully-equipped with modern medical technologies and highly-acclaimed, skilled professionals to provide medical and surgical solutions for any kind of Eye and ENT impairment. The hospital’s well-trained specialists have years of experience and are backed by a professional, friendly support team who are knowledgeable in taking good care of patients.

By using state-of-the-art equipment, they are able to carry out a wide range of Eye and ENT services that will provide patients with highest quality care in Sri Lanka.