Calling students to school only for essential activities


The Ministry of Education has issued a special notice on calling students to government schools and government-approved private schools next week.

The Ministry of Education has decided to allow principals to call students only for essential examinations which are scheduled to be held in government and government approved private schools from April 04 to April 08.

At present, term examinations for all grades and teaching in the primary grades of schools in the Northern, North Western, Southern and Eastern Provinces and have been completed.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Education states that only a few grades in other provinces will be left for term tests during the relevant week.

Accordingly, all teachers and other staff should attend the schools from April 04 to 08 to make arrangements for this year’s term tests and make plans for the next school year.

The decision was taken considering the convenience of children and parents and the ease of decision making by the Public Utilities Commission, according to a statement signed by the Secretary to the Ministry of Education, Prof. Kapila Perera.