People have no choice but to take to the streets, says Maithripala Sirisena


“The masses have no choice but to take to the streets,” former President and the leader of Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Maithripala Sirisena said yesterday, March 12, addressing a representatives convention of the SLFP in the Badulla district.

He also said:

“There are a lot of problems in the head but nothing can be done. Today this country is facing many crises including food shortage. We have not been involved in government decisions in the last two years.

With the increase in oil prices the masses reject politicians and resort to mass protests. When this government was formed with 13 parties together, I was also appointed as the chairman but after that I was not involved in anything.

After the Sirimavo Bandaranaike era, only my government brought a proper policy to this country. I took the country forward democratically. All the countries of the world helped me. I brought the 19th Amendment and established democracy in the country. I wanted to build a country free of corruption but I could not do it.

The Colombo urban class is also starving without electricity and gas. People are helpless due to a food crisis without oil, gas and electricity. Mass protests are being held. The whole country is in tears today,” he added addressing the party delegates.

The event was organized by the Minister of Labor, Nimal Siripala de Silva and the Badulla District Parliamentarian, Chamara Sampath Dasanayake at the Badulla Library Auditorium.