China donates medical equipment worth Rs. 20m. to hospitals in North, Eastern provinces


Chinese Ambassador Qi Zhenhong handed over a donation of eight lifesaving Kidney Dialysis Machines worth of Rs. 20 million to needy hospitals in the Northern and Eastern Provinces upon a request by Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa.

Rehan Jayawickreme, Vice Chairman of SJB Youth said this donation was not only an extension of the continued support to Sri Lanka by the Peoples Republic of China, but also a landmark moment in relations between Sajith Premadasa’s SJB and the Government of China.

Mr. Jayawickrema said the  donation was made directly to a SJB Opposition lead project initiated by its Leader.

“The ‘Husma’ project has already given out vital medical equipment worth over 120 million rupees. This is further vindication of the SJBs work as the main opposition party, to not only oppose the government’s failing agenda, but to also work for the people of Sri Lanka. We have proved that the Oppositions role is not only to topple Governments but it’s main objective is to help the downtrodden of this Country,” Mr. Jayawickrema said.

The continued support from the PRC and the wider international community is allowing the SJB to provide critical assistance in various ways to those who need it most during these challenging times, the SJB said.

This donation of medical equipment was towards state hospitals, many of which have been sorely neglected for decades while successive governments focused on vanity projects.

“Sajith Premadasa and the SJB are proud to have earned the trust and goodwill of the Interntional community and we pledge to ensure that assistance from all nations is utilized efficiently with zero wastage and in a manner that benefits Sri Lanka and her people,” Mr. Jayawickreme said.