Advantis Projects and Engineering completes construction services for the New Kelani Bridge Project


Advantis Projects and Engineering, a subsidiary of Hayleys Advantis Limited, has successfully completed its share of construction work on the New Kelani Bridge project.

Amounting to one of the largest infrastructure development projects in the country in recent times, the New Kelani Bridge consists of the single largest suspension bridge and the longest elevated steel highway in Sri Lanka.

As one of the main subcontractors for the project, Advantis Projects and Engineering sets a benchmark in the industry by deploying the most number of heavy lift equipment and machinery assigned for a project, whilst also providing expertise for the girder erection, installation and other construction value additions.

“The successful completion of a project of national significance is an outstanding milestone in the local industry and has established Advantis Projects and Engineering as a leader in the construction arena. The company effectively made use of the opportunity to showcase its expertise in construction and project management which are on par with international standards and has instilled a newfound confidence in local capabilities,” said Ruwan Waidyaratne, Managing Director of Hayleys Advantis Limited.

Advantis Projects and Engineering, as one of the main subcontractors for erection and installation work of Package I of the elevated highway, erected the total number of steel girders applicable to sections 02 and 03 of the expressway. Furthermore, the company provided an array of heavy lift equipment and machinery for the entirety of Package I including, a 260T crawler crane, 250T all-terrain cranes, 160T all-terrain crane, 70T rough terrain crane, 50T rough terrain cranes, 15-20m aerial platforms, boom trucks, forklifts and low bed trailers.

Notably, the company also took on the additional responsibility of deploying expert professionals to strengthen the erection and installation process. Advantis Projects and Engineering impressed the main contractor by enabling a seamless construction process, providing continuous engineering and logistics support throughout the project duration.

“The project has garnered us recognition on the international plane as the first Sri Lankan subcontractor to erect and install the country’s first modular steel box girder type elevated highway. We are delighted to have completed this ambitious project by the government to improve the traffic flow and congestion and hope to continue setting new milestones in the local and international construction arena with our expertise,” commented Janitha Jayanetti, Director of Advantis Projects and Engineering.

Package I of the New Kelani Bridge project comprises of an elevated highway from Peliyagoda to Colombo Fort connected to the bridge at the Bandaranaike interchange roundabout. Phase 01 of this Package includes the steel elevated highway constructed up to Dematagoda and Ingurukade junctions and consists of a steel bridge section of 922 metres along with interchanges and ramps of 1,407 metres.

Package II of the project consists of the construction of a 380 metre long six-lane bridge, extending south from the Colombo-Katunayake Expressway (E03) leading to the Port Access Road and Baseline Road. This includes interchanges at the Orugodawatte, Ingurukade and Kelanitissa junctions and the Package totals 1,185 metres of concrete work.

With nearly 20 years of experience, Advantis Projects and Engineering offers services in project logistics, heavy-cargo transport, heavy-cargo lifting solutions, electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, project consultancy, PESB (Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings), structural steel design, fabrication, erection, and installation services with a proven track record, a technology-driven approach and adherence to industry best practices.

Advantis Projects and Engineering, a fully owned subsidiary of Hayleys Advantis Limited, constantly strives to provide innovative logistics and construction solutions for a wide variety of industries. Operating with the latest technology applications, the company has expanded its service offering over the years, ensuring that best-in-class project logistics and construction solutions are available right here in Sri Lanka. Hayleys Advantis Limited is the transportation, logistics and engineering arm of Hayleys PLC, a diversified blue-chip multinational conglomerate recognised as the number 1 listed company in Sri Lanka.