Thagi Gift Boxes – Curated Sri Lankan gift boxes for corporates and individuals

Joanna Adams

The art of gifting has always been a challenge for both individuals and organisations in Sri Lanka but in recent times there has been a revolution in this space thanks to the arrival of Thagi Gift Boxes.

Thagi Gift Boxes creates curated gift boxes to suit any client’s unique requirements, varying budgets and distinctive style primarily using high quality products sourced from Sri Lankan entrepreneurs. Both Individual and Corporate gift boxes are curated to suit any occasion with island-wide delivery.

Sri Lanka has an exceptional collection of local entrepreneurs who create products that are on par with international brands but are relatively unknown among local consumers. Thagi Gift Boxes works closely with some of the best of these entrepreneurs in the country to source the finest Sri Lankan products. Thagi’s goal is to encourage clients to recognize, appreciate and source local products in order to show them the high quality of products that are available locally and also provide the means for the suppliers to boost their businesses and uplift their livelihoods.

Having commenced operations in January 2020, Thagi Gift Boxes has made remarkable progress even after the arrival of the pandemic and successfully built a loyal customer base, including over 6,500 followers on social media. Joanna Adams, the Founder of Thagi Gift Boxes who has over 16 years’ experience in Marketing Communications, stated, “Gifting has been my passion for a very long time and I knew I could bring something different to the local market when it comes to the art of gifting. The COVID-19 pandemic may not seem like the best time to start a new business, but I took the plunge and challenged myself to turn my passion into a successful business. During the past 20 months we have had the pleasure of working with top corporates as well as individuals in Sri Lanka. Our curated gift boxes are also popular among foreign expats living here and Sri Lankans abroad. I love this job as I get to be a part of a process that connects people to express their wishes to the people they love and care for.”

 Further information on Thagi Gift Boxes can be obtained via or by contacting +94 77 724 7577 and [email protected]