No curfew passes issued, valid documents only, states Police

Nihal Thalduwa, Police Media Spokesman and Senior Superintendent.

Police Media Spokesman, Senior Superintendent, Nihal Thalduwa said Police Stations will not issue any curfew passes during the quarantine curfew period.

Addressing a media briefing at the Government Information Department, SSP Thalduwa said that those travelling to work should carry a document from their institution head to prove that they are travelling to their workplace.

He also noted that persons travelling during the quarantine curfew should be in a position to prove a valid reason for their travel if required at check points.

SSP Thalduwa said Police have been advised by the Inspector General to inspect documents in hand and supervise the movement of persons during curfew.

He said that quarantine curfew passes to transport goods through mobile vendors, can be obtained from the relevant District and Provincial Secretaries, adding that any curfew permit obtained during a prior lockdown can be renewed via the same officer as well.

Individuals travelling for the funeral of a close family member can inform Police at relevant checkpoints and proceed. If anyone has to travel to a pharmacy during the curfew, persons are adviced to travel on foot if possible, but if travelling by vehicle, they are required to explain the purpose of their travel at any check point.

“We are doing all these to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and not with the intention of inconveniencing the public,” he said.

The Police Spokesman also urged the public to be honest and only leave home if it is extremely vital.