Weddings, functions banned from Tuesday, August 17, says Army Commander

Army Commander, General Shavendra Silva.

* Private parties at houses also banned

* Restaurants allowed 50% of capacity

 A countrywide quarantine curfew will be imposed from 10 pm to 4 am everyday from August 16, till further notice. All weddings and functions will be prohibited with effect from midnight on Tuesday, August 17, until further notice, Head of the National Operation Centre for the Prevention of Covid-19 Outbreak, Army Commander, General Shavendra Silva said.

He stated that irrespective of whether, these weddings are held at reception halls or homes, they would be prohibited from Tuesday, but registrations could take place without ceremonies. He also noted that all public gatherings would also be prohibited due to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, all events or occasions that generate crowds were also banned from midnight yesterday, August 15, until further notice. He said that even private parties or functions at private residences are banned until the situation can be brought under control.

General Shavendra Silva also noted that restaurants and eating places would only be permitted to have a 50% capacity at all times. He urged the public to avoid gathering at public places and even private homes as this could lead to the spread of the virus.

The Army Commander also noted that the Army is continuing to assist the health authorities in battling the COVID pandemic.

When asked if the Army would assist in further increasing the capacity of hospitals and treatment centres as suggested by the Opposition, the Commander noted that they are already assisting the health authorities in doing so, adding that the security forces are prepared to assist in any requirement.

He also urged the public to obtain the vaccines that are made available to them, adding that after September 15, those who have not got both doses would not be permitted at public spaces and those who have received both vaccines would be required to carry their vaccination card with them when visiting such public places.

He said that sporadic checks would be carried out to check if people are carrying their vaccination cards.