CIPM To Groom Professional Reward Management Specialists

Ken Vijayakumar - Vice President, Chairman of People Management Solutions Committee, Course Initiator & Advisory Member – CIPM SL addressing the gathering with the dignitaries at the head table.

CIPM Sri Lanka – the Nation’s leader in human resource management aims to revamp the current landscape for employee reward management by producing specialized human resource professionals with a strong focus and understanding of its practical aspects through the recently announced Certificate Course in Reward Management (CCRM). This programme fulfills a long-felt market need for a professional understanding and approach for implementing customized reward management initiatives in organizations. CIPM organized a webinar to discuss the merits of the programme which was joined by over 60 of its members and HR professionals.

“CIPM is continuously engaging with the industry, examining and researching new areas in which to develop our HR professionals. The CCRM is a result of these endeavors. CIPM is ready to take-up further challenges in the coming years to take the flag to the next level. We always target our relationships with many institutions including private and public sector which will help CIPM in playing a national role in HRM” said Jayantha Amarasinghe-President CIPM Sri Lanka.

“We have hitherto been practicing conventional reward management based on the employment contract which does not help organizations to be competitive. However, a well-structured reward and compensation management initiative can provide much value to organizations with inline focus on its goals and objectives. An organization, in a business-driven articulation of a reward management programme can improve productivity while keeping employees happy and satisfied while grooming them to take on more challenges. Reward management initiatives should be designed and customized for each organization based on scope, fundamentals and value proposition” he added.

Course initiator Ken Vijayakumar-Vice President of CIPM Sri Lanka said “The Certificate Course in Reward Management (CCRM) fulfills a long-felt need in the market and is in-line with ‘HR Centre of Excellence’ concept. While HR specialists in areas such as performance management, learning & development, Industrial/employee relations etc. are available, there is a definite vacuum of HR specialists in the reward management domain. We are launching this programme to groom specialists and grow this important area”.

Presenting the keynote address “From Equality to Equity”, experienced HR professional, former Vice President of HR at NDB Bank and Fellow of CIPM – C. Hewapattini endorsed the CIPM CCRM as an excellent programme which fills a serious lacuna in the HR profession. He added that there needs to be equality and equity when designing and customizing any successful reward management programme while taking into consideration organizational culture, its people etc. to be successful, and that the structure of the CIPM CCRM provides an excellent platform to gain a good understanding of the merits of reward management and how to practically apply it in an organization.

Course director Mrs. Thilini Patabendige- Senior Manager – Rewards, GTS & Asia Pacific at London Stock Exchange Group – Sri Lanka said “CCRM has been designed with the aim of educating HR professionals and organization leaders on the concepts of Total Rewards and Employee Value Proposition helping organizations to attract, motivate and retain the best talent. The CIPM CCRM will provide a technical knowledge including tools, frameworks and practical elements, their implications so that the reward management specialists can use this knowledge in both their day-to-day operational activities as well as strategic aspects of reward management. Each organization is unique and different from one another, and as such there is no one universal ‘right way’ way of implementing a reward management programme” and emphasized that each organization has to design their own unique, customized reward management programme while adhering to global HR best practices.