Public Health Inspectors’ Union to begin TU action from Monday


The Public Health Inspectors’ Union has decided to resort to trade union action from Monday (05) in order to show displeasure over the Government’ decision to fulfil demands in favour of one trade union ignoring other affiliated trade unions.

Union Head Upul Rohana said the recent decision taken by the President to provide solutions to the demands of Public Services United Nurses Union, has caused a huge injustice to other affiliated trade unions.

“The demands like Rs.20,000 annual uniform allowance, reinstatement of the mechanism to make promotion should have been provided after consulting other affiliated trade unions,” he said.

“However, that has not been done. We highly condemn the move and show our displeasure to the President’s decision,” the PHIU Head stressed.

“Hence, the Joint Council of Professions Supplementary to Medicine, Public Health Inspectors Union and other affiliated trade unions decided to withdraw from duties from last night and start a trade union action from Monday,” he added.