KOiCA-SAEMAUL Integrity Human Resources Workshop and Agriculture Knowledge Dissertation


The Korea International Coorporation Agency (KOICA), the grant Aid division of the embassy of republic of Korea, is the Korean government agency for grant aids under the mission of ‘Leave no one behind with People-centered Peace and Prosperity’.

KOICA Sri Lanka Office has been implementing a variety of development projects and fellowship programs since 1991 and currently supporting various grant projects including COVID-19 response projects to fight against COVID-19 in Sri Lanka in conjunction with the Sri Lankan Government, Korean NGOs, and International Organizations.

KOICA Sri Lanka Office is particularly keen to put more efforts to support the most vulnerable in society to overcome the current crisis.

Saemaul Globalization Foundation, Sri Lanka (SGF) has been conducting project in Kegalle district, Rambukkana divisional secretariat area since 2014 under the MOUs which tied with Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council (SPC) and SGF, for operating three pilot Saemaul Projects (Pitiyegama, Hewadiwela and Walpola).

Saemaul Pilot Village community is being benefited by receiving financial support for income increasing, training and education, and livelihood development through Saemaul concept. Saemaul Globalization Foundation (SGF), a non-profit foundation established by Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, is intended to share Korean experiences of Saemaul Undong concept and to contribute in promoting rural development and poverty eradication in the developing countries

The KOICA Sri Lanka Office and the Saemaul Globalization Foundation Sri Lanka Office hosted a joint workshop and seminar for stakeholders of KOICA-Saemaul Globalization Foundation on June 16 and 18 to disseminate the know-how about Integrity, HR Models and agricultural technology for integrity management in the host country. The event was held online on both days due to travel restrictions across Sri Lanka.

The Workshop on Integrity Human Resource model of KOICA Sri Lanka office was held on 16th aiming the Saemaul pilot project village staff, community and the Local Government officials in the Kegalle District.

As a presenter of the workshop, Manoj Jayatunga, the Manager Human resources and volunteer division in KOICA, enabled the participants to enhance their know-how about Integrity and access for better Human Resource model.

Further, KOICA Sri Lanka office with the other partner organizations discussed about better development plans concerning integrity and HR management.

In the knowledge dissemination seminar held on the 18th by KOICA fellow Amila Buwanekabahu, shared his experience and know-how about under the topic named ‘How ICT effect the development of product in organization based on Korean Experience’ with the participant who are Sri Lankan farmers and public officials of the agriculture sector.

Despite of travel restrictions since last May, nearly 100 government officials of the Kegalle District, Saemaul Globalization Foundation staff, KOICA Sri Lanka office staff and Saemaul village community participated for the sessions by discussing and sharing their competence about Integrity and the Technology based agriculture.

The Country Director of KOICA Sri Lanka Office, Ms. KANG YOUNHWA said, “As a response to the COVID 19 pandemic in the country, KOICA Sri Lanka office donated PPE to the Educational institutes and to the hospitals and provided funds to support farmers whose livelihood were affected due to the pandemic”.

Further, she mentioned that this joint workshop and seminar organized with the intention of enhancing Integrity management and sharing know-how about Technology based agriculture, will strongly contribute to the Saemaul community and the government officials in the Kegalle district.

A researcher of Saemaul Globalization Foundation Sri Lanka Office, Kushan stated, “It was great to learn organizational culture of Korean government institutions during the workshop including the Integrity management and it will practice in co-operative society in the Kegalle District”.