CSE virtually presents Empower Board Opportunities to Entrepreneurs in Matara

Rohan Senewiratne, Managing Director of Atarah Capital Partners (PVT) Ltd.

The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) recently initiated a series of virtual forums for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to highlight the advantages of listing on the Empower Board. The initial event, organized by the Matara Branch of CSE, drew an encouraging interest from the business community in Matara.

SMEs are a key contributor to the Sri Lanka Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The objective of the series is to encourage SMEs to understand the availability of an alternative method to raise capital and to illustrate the opportunities provided by listing on the Empower Board.

Rohan Senewiratne, Managing Director of Atarah Capital Partners (PVT) Ltd.; Suraj Surwaweera, Managing Director of Chrissworld Limited; Nirodha Abeygunawardena, Manager of the CSE Matara Branch; and Kassapa Weerasekara, Assistant Manager at Listing Department of the CSE, joined the discussion. The participants also engaged in a broad Question & Answer discussion during the program.

Elaborating on reasons why a business should be listed, Rohan Senewiratne, Managing Director of Atarah Capital Partners (PVT) Ltd, stated that it is a timely approach for SMEs to list on the Empower Board, as an alternative to traditional methods of Capital raising. He eliminated myths and fallacies on listing and explained how the capital market allows companies to build a stronger investor base and add value to the company.

Suraj Surwaweera, Managing Director of Chrissworld Limited, shared the company’s experience in the listing process. He stated, “We met Atarah Capital Partners in 2019 with the objective of exploring our options in acquiring capital and growing our business. After evaluating other options, we recognized the Stock Market as an ideal source of capital for our company and a better alternative to other capital sources such as banks and private placements. It has served us as a less complex and a convenient process. It should be noted that the corporation and guidance that we received from CSE and Atarah Capital Partners throughout the process is commendable”.

He further added, “Listing on CSE provides a direction to maintain your business with more discipline and regulation, which enhances recognition and confidence among stakeholders. The viable source of capital that the Stock Market provides ensure that businesses do not miss opportunities to grow due to lack of capital. Therefore, the Stock Market is a great opportunity to raise capital for all Small and Medium Entrepreneurs”.

For more information on the Empower Board and CSE visit www.cse.lk or contact Purasisi Jinadasa, Head of Origination & Issuer Relations at CSE.

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