Altered Experience gets set to alter Sri Lanka’s digital market place


Altered Experience (ALT X), Sri Lanka’s newest marketing and technology agency, launched its operations recently. Using a combination of Data, Technology and Design Thinking to transform businesses, ALT X offers connected solutions built on the key verticals of: Data driven creativity to change behavior, Sustainable digital transformation for businesses, Design thinking applied for business innovation and Integrating Technology to solve human problems.

With an expanded service offering in data, strategy, media, creative and content and technology streams, ALT X also uses custom processes and tools to design unparalleled connected experiences and a design thinking approach to experience design and innovation. But what truly sets ALT X apart is a unique capability of offering sustainable digital solutions for businesses, a capability fortified by its affiliation to The Carbon Consulting Company, a leading sustainability advisory consultancy in the South Asia region.

With an explosive start to its business ALT X already boasts of a client portfolio which includes international brands such as Fonterra Brands Lanka, The Rainco Group, international tea brands Olinda and T-Go, Easwaran Brothers, global consumer brands Westinghouse, Kodak and Boxaroo in Singapore.

In addition, ALT X drives design thinking and the innovation mindset in Sri Lanka with an affiliation with the University of Moratuwa under its university business linkage cell and collaborations with FITIS (Federation of Information Technology Industry of Sri Lanka).

The startup agency is helmed by industry veteran Kabeer Rafaideen, with over 19 years of experience and the former head of an international award-winning digital team.

“What we aim to do is to create disruption in the norm with design thinking, data and the application of technology to solve human problems. Using our own set of custom tools and software we are able to provide businesses with solutions that transcend the conventional digital marketing campaign,” said Mr. Rafaideen.

“Our award-winning team is well versed in designing connected experiences, developing creative content driven by data, the development of ad-tech and mar-tech and the ability to provide viable sustainable digital solutions. The ability to provide digital solutions with a specific focus on sustainability using data, technology and design thinking is our secret sauce,” he also said.

“The inspiration to start the company came out of a gap that we perceived in the industry,” says Managing Director of ALT X, and sustainability advisory expert, Sanith de S. Wijeyeratne.

“There was a dire need to utilize the latest cutting edge digital and data driven tools to enhance and add value to today’s sustainability related initiatives that need to be undertaken by companies and brands worldwide. To this end, we sought to put together a multi-faceted team who could leverage data and technology to deploy a sustainability led transformational approach to solve business pain points. We are immensely proud of the ALT X team that has come together in such a short time to demonstrate their capability in the global marketplace with global brands and products – all within our first 2 months. This is unprecedented in my experience,” he also said.

With its Brand Symbol of the Wolf, ALT X is on a mission to break, disrupt and redesign the digital sector in Sri Lanka.