Nawaloka Hospital celebrates International Women’s Day with 2000 strong female workforce


Pioneering private healthcare provider, Nawaloka Hospitals celebrated International Women’s Day 2021 with their 2000+ female work force with a vibrant, engaging event at the hospital auditorium in Colombo.

The grand event held on March 9, 2021 saw the participation of widely-acclaimed and beloved Sri Lankan artists Sangeetha Weeraratne and Yashodha Wimaladharma, who addressed the audience.

This was amplified by a lively, powerful session with award-winning female entrepreneur, speaker and global Goodwill ambassador, Nayomi Hadunnetti who looked to inspire and energize.

Adding to the day’s narrative were Nawaloka Hospitals Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Prasadika Gunasena and Chief Nursing Officer, Surangani Jayasinghe. Further, all female staff at the hospital were felicitated with a rose and gift.

Also present at the event were Nawaloka Hopsitals Chairman – Dr. Jayantha Dharmadasa, Deputy Chairman – Harshith Dharmadasa, Executive Directress – Givanthi Dharmadasa, Executive Director – Anisha Dharmadasa, and Executive Director and General Manager – Prof. Lal Chandrasena.

“As mothers, daughters and wives themselves, our female staff have continued to prioritize patient care in a remarkable display of commitment all throughout the COVID-19′ pandemic. Therefore, we believe it is vital to appreciate and recognise the immense contribution that our female work force has made during one of the toughest years the world has yet faced. They have bravely championed the front lines, not just the past year but every year before as well,” stated Nawaloka Hospitals Deputy Chairman Harshith Dharmadasa.

“These persevering powerhouses have helped shape Nawaloka’s healthcare practice into the exceptional service it is today and we’re hoping that they may inspire our younger generations to one day follow in their footsteps, to break stereotypes and push the boundaries of clinical excellence,” he also stated.

A proud equal opportunity employer, Nawaloka Hospitals has actioned numerous powerful initiatives to ensure that the hospital’s female staff can work in an environment most conducive for growth.

The hospital’s nursing staff, who carry out a 24-hour intensive operation to ensure only the finest clinical outcomes, are provided with comfortable female-only restrooms, hostel facilities, regular meals and transport.

Paid maternity leave is mandatorily provided as per the Shop and Office Act, while work shifts are allocated after careful consideration of each individual staff member’s situation.

Most importantly, Nawaloka Hospitals champions female staff members to senior management positions, providing consistent and invaluable training opportunities to enable growth both personally and professionally. The hospital is offering exclusive discounts of up to 30% to women during the month of March.

Nawaloka Hospitals:

Nawaloka Hospitals entered the state-dominated healthcare sector in 1985 as the first private hospital in Sri Lanka to offer tertiary healthcare services. Since then, under the visionary leadership of Dr. Jayantha Dharmadasa, the hospital has garnered considerable local and international recognition, pioneering numerous advanced clinical developments in the country. In 2020, Nawaloka Hospitals achieved the prestigious Joint Commission International’s (JCI) gold seal of approval for its continued compliance with internationally-recognized healthcare standards.

Nawaloka offers a 24-hour OPD centre, a state-of-the-art ETU facility, air and land medical evacuation services that include mobile ICUs and a home nursing unit offering professional in-home care services. Equipped with the latest technology and affordable healthcare solutions of international standards driven by a passionate and professional team of the best consultants and nurses, Nawaloka Hospitals is fully committed towards the principal vision of building a healthier and stronger Sri Lanka.