Ceylon Chamber Academy and JCI Senate SL hosts webinar on Secrets of succeeding as an Entrepreneur


The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Academy (Chamber Academy) joins Junior Chamber International (Senate) in Sri Lanka to host a webinar on ‘Secrets of succeeding as an Entrepreneur’ targeting the SME audience in the agribusiness, industrial and service sectors.

This initiative intends to bridge the knowledge of corporate business with small enterprises and start-ups in order to sustain their businesses in a challenging post COVID world.

Much of the focus of the GOSL development policy and donor funding are channelled to stimulate SME entrepreneurs who face many challenges such as integrating with market-driven-value-chains and access to finance, etc.

SME entrepreneurs experience barriers in capacity building particularly in the agribusiness small holder business sector ranging from cooperatives, farmer producer organisations to individual farmers across the country.

Productivity and forward integration issues in product /service markets remain a perennial conundrum. Gender exclusivity marginalising women in particular too are some of the key challenges faced by the SME businesses.

Three prominent business leaders have come together to share their success stories: Ms. Kasturi Wilson, Group CEO of Hemas Group; Dr. Rohan Pallewatte, Executive President, Lanka Harness Limited; and Prajeeth Balasubramaniam, Chairperson, Council for Start-ups, The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

Ms. Wilson and Dr. Pallewatte will speak on ‘Integrating into the Marketing Value Chain’ and ‘Overcoming Road Blocks to Succeeding in Business’ respectively for the benefit of SMEs and young entrepreneurs in general.

The webinar will be at 5pm on Thursday, February 25, 2021 followed by a Q&A session, moderated by Rauff Reffai, Chairman, JCI Senate, Sri Lanka.

To register please email, [email protected].