Sterling Automobiles launches Steorra loyalty programme with HNB


Sterling Automobiles Lanka, who introduced the Sterling Aftercare Guarantee, has come forth with yet another trailblazing concept, the Steorra loyalty programme, which was launched in partnership with Hatton National Bank (HNB).

A company that places customers at its heart, Sterling Automobiles introduced this novel concept with the aim of paying gratitude to the consumers who have patronized the brand throughout its journey and new customers who expect to obtain its services.

The partnership, a first in Sri Lanka, offers customers the opportunity to convert points accumulated through the Steorra loyalty programme to cash via a Sterling-HNB co- branded debit card issued by the bank.

“Sterling Automobiles is globally synonymous with offering services that exceed the expectations of their customers. Locally too Sterling holds a special place amongst Sri Lankans as an organisation striving to offer affordable vehicles with exceptional customer services. Like HNB it has remained as one of the most popular brands for customers who are on the lookout for optimum value for money,” said Sanjay Wijemanne, HNB Deputy General Manager Retail and SME Banking.

Sterling has also partnered with a host of automobile-related service providers including vehicle battery, audio, tyres and security system suppliers, leasing and insurance companies in order to provide attractive benefits to customers from discount offers to complimentary products and services.

Steorra loyalty programme’s mechanism is such that when a customer who receives services from Sterling Aftercare Centres opts to register for the programme, he/she will have the option of selecting either the HNB-Sterling co-branded debit card which will be linked to a HNB savings account or Sterling Steorra loyalty card which will also have a host of benefits.

The Centre’s existing customer base and new customers who register for the programme will fall into one of the three following loyalty categories based on the services they have received so far, which are Silver, Gold and Platinum. Loyalty points will be added according to the bill value for each service obtained from Sterling Aftercare Centre’s comprehensive portfolio of automobile-related repairs and services.

One of the most significant benefits offered through the HNB-Sterling co-branded debit card is the option of having the loyalty points acquired by obtaining services from Sterling Aftercare Centre credited to a savings account.

In addition, they will be entitled to all HNB debit card related deals and offers from wide range of merchant partners such as retail stores, restaurants and hotels, to get a loan against savings at 0% interest with a repayment of 12 months and free internet and mobile banking facilities for one year.

Both the HNB-Sterling co-branded debit card and the Sterling Steorra loyalty cardholders will benefit from a host of discounts and special promotions from Sterling, in addition to the numerous offers from Steorra’s partner merchants.