Mr. Faris Ismail - Chairman, MT Studio


Success in the new age is determined by a strong balance between academic prowess and critical competencies. This defines the inherent intelligence quotient and an innate ability to co create right solutions and outcomes.

MT STUDIO is an organisation focused on deploying the right mechanism and the levers to provide students opportunities to hone critical competencies and sharpen academic prowess. MT STUDIO strives towards identifying right talent and nurturing them to realise their underlying aspirations. We focus on creating a champion alumni, winning across the corporate world and excelling in the entrepreneurial space. Our Alumni across the globe in multi faceted roles are a testament to the effectiveness of our programs.

MT STUDIO Introduces ‘MT JUNIOR’ – an elite and an exclusive 12 months program for students between the grades 9 to 12, with a focus on providing academic prowess with the right foundations of soft skills, business acumen and business values to support in excelling in the corporate / entrepreneurial world. This program equips our students to strengthen their profile and be sought after by leading companies and even universities across the globe.

Academic Prowess is delivered through offering of ACCA Foundation in Accountancy [FIA] to ensure strengthening of knowledge and technical financials skills.  Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a thriving global community of 219,000 members and 527,000 future members based in 179 countries and regions that upholds the highest professional and ethical values.

Ms. Nilusha Ranasinghe – Country Head, ACCA said “The Association of chartered certified accountants (ACCA) is a globally acclaimed professional accountancy qualification focused on enhancing the technical financial skills of students and prepare them for a successful career. The global context demands a coherent balance of technical and professional skills to ensure success for students. Thus, the MT Junior initiative is a great step in molding champion professionals.

This Academic Prowess is coupled with opportunities to hone skills at a young age and hence build the right platform for eventual success. Thus, ‘MT Junior’ would have a range of skills development interventions that mirror the demands of the new age world.

Mr. Faris Ismail, Chairman – MT Studio said ‘In my journey of being an academic mentor and coach, I have groomed more than 25,000 students and guided more than 200 CEOs across the world. ‘MT Junior’ is a journey to amplify these efforts by making our young talent – world ready. ‘MT Junior’ program would focus on ensuring delivery of a high caliber Foundations in Accountancy [FIA] program along with strong interventions to strengthen professional skills. MT JUNIOR is an elite and exclusive program that is focused on enrolling only the best and grooming high calibre and high potential students. Thus, we look towards champion students screened through our selection process’.

Mr. Shafraz Saleem – Director, MT Studio
Mr. Shukri Salman – Director, MT Studio

‘MT Junior’ program would only enrol students who qualify across a 02 step selection process including Self Evaluation and a Panel Interview comprising of corporate CEOs and corporate personalities. Thus, this program is positioned as an aspirational journey with strong focus on academic and professional development.

Mr. Shafraz Saleem, Director – MT Studio said ‘Our education system emphasizes strong focus across academic excellence and encourages predominant attention to this aspect of students’ lives. However, success in the corporate / entrepreneurial world depends on intelligence and ability to demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, business acumen and right values. The honing of these skills are not structured and not consistently gathered by students. Thus, ‘MT Junior’ program aims at ensuring a fine balance of focus on academic and professional skills to ensure our young talent has a head start in the race to success / accomplishment.

‘MT Junior’ inaugural batch would commence in February 2021 with applications for enrolment and interviews scheduled across January 2021. This program is accessible to students between the grades 09 to 12.