Exposition of Deegawapiya Sacred Omniscient Relics and Crest-Gem further in Matale


The procession of the Sacred Omniscient Relics of Deegawapiya Stupa unearthed from the Deegawapiya site during excavations and the Crest-Gem, which is currently on island-wide public veneration recently arrived in Matale, allowing devotees in the region the opportunity to pay homage.

Accordingly, following the exposition of these sacred Omniscient Relics at Abhinawarama Vihara, Matale from May 27 to 29, it will be kept for public veneration at Sri Weluwanarama Vihara, Matale from May 29 to 31 and at the Dasgiriya Isipathanaramaya, Matale from May 31 to June 02.