General Amnesty for Tri-Forces Absentees


The Ministry of Defence announces that the General Amnesty period announced from 20.04.2024 to
20.05.2024 for members of the Tri-Forces who have been marked as Absent Without Official Leave
(AWOL) is not applicable for Commissioned Officers who are marked as AWOL.

  1. General Amnesty is valid only for other rank personnel of the Tri-Forces who have not reported
    for duty without leave on or before 31.12.2023.
  2. This General Amnesty period does not apply for Commissioned Officers who have not reported
    for duty without leave.
  3. During this General Amnesty period, those who report will be legally discharged from their
    respective services. However, the General Amnesty is not applicable to those personnel mentioned
    below while taking into consideration the expenses incurred for the special training provided using
    public funds in the following sectors and considering the difficulties encountered to maintain the
    operations in those sectors by their discharge.
    a. Rates where General Amnesty does not apply in the Army,
    i. Public Health Inspector
    ii. Dental Therapist
    iii. Dental Surgery Assistant
    iv. Electromagnetic Draughtsman
    v. Laboratory Technician
    vi. Nurse
    vii. Ophthalmologist
    viii. Surgery Room Technician
    ix. Pharmacist
    x. Drug Combinatory
    xi. Physiotherapist
    xii. Rectifier and Preservation
    xiii. Occupational Therapist
    xiv. Electrophoresis Artist
    xv. Radiologist
    xvi. Smart Devices
    xvii. Carpentry
    b. Rates where General Amnesty does not apply in the Navy,
    i. Artificers in all categories
    ii. Professional Medical / Professional Dental Sailors
    c. Rates where General Amnesty does not apply in the Air Force,
    i. The personnel in the following rates under the Directorate of Aircraft Engineering
    who have not completed 12 years of service after completing advanced vocational
    training courses,
    (a). Aircraft Airframe Technician
    (b). Aircraft Engine Technician
    (c). Aircraft Electrical and Avionics Technician
    (d). Aircraft Safety Equipment Assistant
    ii. The following rates under the Directorate of Health Services,
    (a). Certified Nurse
    (b). Electromagnetic Draughtsman
    (c). Electrophoresis Technician
    (d). Pharmacist
    (e). Medical Laboratory Technician
    (f). Biomedical Technologist
    (g). Air Force Medical Inspector
    (h). Radiologist
    iii. Rates in Dental Service,
    (a). Certified Nurse
    (b). Radiologist
    (c). Surgery Room Technology
    (d). Dental Assistant Specialties
    (e). Dental Technician Specialties
    (f). Dental Technician (I)
    (g). Dental Therapist
  4. Absentees who are presently abroad can also obtain discharge without reporting to their
    respective Regiments conforming to the following criteria:
    a. Those seeking discharge should not have any pending disciplinary actions taken against
    them apart from that of being AWOL.
    b. Should not have travelled abroad by illegal means or should not have fraudulently
    prepared passports and other documents and have not travelled abroad.
    c. This Amnesty does not apply to those who had gone AWOL and failed to return to the
    country after attending foreign courses funded by the government or courses offered to TriForces by foreign institutes and those who had proceeded on diplomatic missions or any other
  5. Further, Other Rank personnel who are currently abroad seeking discharge can do so through a
    representative with a Power of Attorney attested at the Embassy of Sri Lanka established in the
    concerned foreign state or attested before a qualified Attorney at Law/Notary Public or equivalent
    professional of the concerned state (Duly registered in the Registrar General’s Department of Sri Lanka)
    certified by the Embassy of Sri Lanka established in the respective foreign country or certified before a
    qualified Attorney at Law/Notary Public or similar professional in the respective country to obtain
    discharge from service during this General Amnesty period.