Atlas set to redefine education in Sri Lanka with ‘Atlas World’ Sri Lanka’s First Learning Membership Program


Atlas, the premier learning brand in Sri Lanka that has been a cornerstone in local education for over 60 years, has unveiled Atlas World, the first and only learning membership in Sri Lanka for children, parents, and teachers, that redefines the traditional learning process in the country.

Atlas World is a leap towards the future of Sri Lankan learning and positions Atlas as a leader in integrating technology with education, transforming from a stationery brand into a comprehensive learning brand. Several unique features of Atlas World make it a significant technological advancement in Sri Lanka’s education sector. The comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) of Atlas World provides curated educational content, engaging seminars, insightful videos, and interactive workshops. It offers free online classes delivered by leading educators and provides comprehensive exam preparation and mock tests. Expert-led sessions are available to provide guidance for parents on how best to navigate and support their children’s chosen educational journeys. With the aim of providing much-needed financial support in today’s challenging economic landscape it also provides exclusive discounts on Atlas Learning Tools for Atlas World members. Additionally, educational games that combine fun and learning bring a different dimension to the learning process while creative and interactive educational contests promote healthy competition among members. Atlas World also provides high levels of personalization which enables customized learning experiences for children, with additional support for parents and teachers.

Sharing his views, Sheron Seneviratne – Head of Digital & MarTech of Atlas Axillia commented, “The Digital & MarTech team, has been instrumental in developing Atlas World and their innovative approach and leadership have set Atlas apart from other brands. This initiative demonstrates the team’s commitment to putting consumers first and effectively utilizing technology for educational advancement. The integration of Large Language Models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s GPT-4 represents a significant technological advancement for Atlas World. These AI models enhance learning by providing interactive and personalized educational experiences.”

Large Language Models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s GPT-4 are advanced AI tools designed to understand and generate human-like text. They can be considered to be very knowledgeable digital assistants that have read a vast amount of text from books, articles, and websites. They learn from this extensive reading to recognize patterns in language and information. When an LLM is asked a question or given a prompt, it uses its learned patterns to generate a relevant and coherent response. It is similar to having a conversation with a very well-read friend who can write essays, answer questions, or even create stories based on what it has learned. While LLMs do not ‘think’ or ‘know’ things like humans, they’re known to be very capable at predicting what text should come next based on what they’ve been trained on.

The roots of Atlas Axillia Company Pvt. Ltd. (AAC) goes back to 1959 when it was established as Ceylon Pencil Co. (Pvt) Ltd, a renowned Sri Lankan stationery brand with a rich history spanning over six decades. In 2017, the company rebranded as AAC to accommodate its strategic diversification into various product ranges and a year later, it became a part of one of Sri Lanka’s largest and most sustainable diversified conglomerates – the Hemas Group. Today, AAC is an integral part of Sri Lanka’s education landscape, beloved by countless students who rely on its stationery products throughout their learning journeys. The Atlas brand has also successfully expanded its international presence and is now available in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Seychelles, the Philippines, Maldives, and the Pacific region.