Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2023: First Session Highlights            


‘Leveraging Fiscal Stability for Accelerated Growth’

With the highly anticipated Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2023 set to take place on November 28th and 29th under the theme “Sustain Reform, Accelerate Growth”, the first session of the Summit will focus on ‘Leveraging Fiscal Stability for Accelerated Growth’.

This session will address the challenges and opportunities surrounding the stabilisation and reform progress of Sri Lanka’s economy. Topics discussed will explore Sri Lanka’s performance thus far under the IMF Programme, as well as multilateral agency assessment of this progress. In addition, it will also explore expectations in terms of fiscal reform, and strategies to pursue when prioritising and streamlining expenditure, as well as policies that can be implemented to drive growth.

The plenary will include a presentation by Mr. Takafumi Kadono – Country Director for Sri Lanka, ADB. Session panelists will include Mr. Mahinda Siriwardana – Secretary to the Treasury, Ministry of Finance, Dr. Sarwat Jahan – IMF Resident Representative for Sri Lanka, Mr. Faris Hadad-Zervos – World Bank Country Director for Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka, and Mr. Bingumal Thewarathanthri – Chief Executive Officer, Standard Chartered Bank, Sri Lanka, and Mr. Murtaza Jafferjee – Chairman, Advocata Institute as the Moderator.

The panel will engage in a dynamic discussion on the current economic landscape and the road ahead. They will explore strategies to meet IMF program benchmarks and share insights on how Sri Lanka can sustain reform and accelerate growth in the modern context.

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce is committed to providing a platform for insightful dialogue, knowledge sharing, and the formulation of actionable solutions. The first session sets the tone for the entire summit, bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise to address the most pressing economic issues facing Sri Lanka.

Registrations for SLES 2023 are now open. For further information, please contact Niroshini on [email protected] or 0115588852; or Alikie on [email protected] or 0115588805.