A brick for ‘Deegawapiya’ 


• Second Phase of Deegawapiya Restoration Project

The restoration work of the Deegawapiya Stupa is presently underway with the aim of restoring the former glory of the sacred Deegawapiya Stupa.

A special program, “A brick for Deegawapiya’ was conducted recently (Jul 30) at the Deegawapiya Stupa with the aim of gathering the generous support of devotees both here and abroad. Several thousand devotees attended this meritorious event presided over by Ven. Boralande Vajiragnana Thero, Chief Prelate of Sambodhi temple and President of the Buddhist Channel.

The restoration work is funded by the  ‘Deegawapiya Aruna’ Fund which is generously supported by philanthropists. Your generous donations can be credited to the ‘Deegawapiya Aruna’  account at Bank of Ceylon, Taprobane Branch account number – 86860000. Further, devotees can contribute to the Deegawapiya restoration paying  Rs.200.00 for a brick and Rs.1200.00 to complete a cubic feet of the Stupa.

Further information can be obtained from www.deegawapiya.lk, via email at [email protected]  or phone number 011 2430860-78.