Sri Lanka’s first Virtual Influencer


Welcome to the exciting world of virtual influencers, where technology and creativity collide to redefine influence. Figures like Lil Miquela (@lilmiquela), Imma (@imma.gram), and Noonoouri (@noonoouri) have taken social media by storm, amassing millions of followers across multiple platforms. These virtual personalities have proven their worth, generating substantial value for both themselves and the brands they collaborate with. With 3 million followers on Instagram alone, Lil Miquela has headlined campaigns for renowned brands like Ugg, Calvin Klein, Prada, Samsung, and more.

Enter Chubs (@hey.its.chubs), Sri Lanka’s first ever virtual influencer. Having amassed a loyal follower base on platforms like Instagram and Linkedin, Chubs spends her time in the ever-expanding metaverse, where she embarks on exhilarating adventures that defy reality. From hanging out with flying jellyfish in ethereal landscapes to exploring augmented NFT spaces. Chubs traverses digital realms with boundless curiosity. Her escapades capture the imagination of her followers, drawing them into a world where the possibilities seem to be endless.

Chubs represents the entirety of Sri Lanka’s continuously evolving technological ecosystem and her first steps towards a future where technology takes centre stage. Her objective is not only to capture the attention of local audiences but also to expand her reach globally, connecting with diverse communities around the world through her creative and whimsical content.

Behind the creation of Chubs stands the innovative and creative minds at CreativeHub Global, a tech startup with over 75 employees that strives for disruptive innovation led by its founder and CEO Irosha de Silva. CreativeHub’s expertise lies in product and software development, marketing and design. Chubs is a sole creation of MetaSpace, a business unit of CreativeHub, which specialises in 3D technology, virtual reality, augmented reality, architectural visualisation, game development, character creation, etc.

Chubs is at the forefront of a transformative movement in Sri Lanka. As she captures the hearts and minds of her growing audience, the team at CreativeHub continues to empower her with the tools and expertise to shape a purposeful future through virtual influence. She even has her own virtual world, the Chubsverse. Users can download it on the Oculus Store and take a virtual tour around her home in the metaverse.

You can connect with Chubs on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook and learn more about CreativeHub Global through their website